You Are Already The Expert!


There are many women who'd like to be their own boss but have been held back by lack of clarity about what to do and how. That was me at one point. I knew I wanted a business and dabbled in many different ideas because I had no idea how to start or what type of business to start.

I had to discover what I was good at, who I served and what solution I provide - (my niche), then create a strategic plan and execute.
When you know what to do, it's easier to act and this is where I step in to help you. 

I help nurses and healthcare workers start and grow a profitable online business from their expertise, the "RIGHT" way, with a strategic action plan and accountability to break you out of your cycle.

You are already the expert and have the answers people seek.

So schedule a time to talk about your goals, timelines, and how I can help you reach them.


Let us help you find your niche, what type of business to start, find what you're good at—so you can work on the stuff you're great at.


Are you a nurse who is tired of being overworked? Tired of working nights, weekends and holidays without overtime? Tired of bedside burnout and the endless supply of bad nurses? Ready to create your own schedule, increase your income and lead an entrepreneurial life?

Find out how to build your Bedside Nurse Exit Plan.

Grab my guide and learn 5 Ways to Exit the bedside.

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Get the strategy, support  & accountability you need to FINALLY start and grow a business you love.

Are you ready for more Impact, independence and income?



Guide To Mastering Unshakable Success

Nerissa took a leap of faith and embarked upon entrepreneurship in 2011. Having the right mindset helped her to discover her purpose, passions, and then ultimately define and design her success. This book will equip you with the tools to do the same.

Too often we let the voices of other people dictate what success is for us....NO MORE! It’s time to start living life bold and free from what others think. The time is NOW to make confident decisions and chase your dreams to create a life of fulfillment. It’s time for you to define and design, not just your success, but your UNSHAKABLE success and this book will set you on the right path. 
Nerissa’s seven-step guide is the blue print you need. It will instruct you on what it takes to overcome your fears and self-doubt in order to take action and create YOUR success.