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The Guidance You Need

Expert Coaching and Consulting to Navigate Every Stage of Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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I collaborate with ambitious women experts, helping them launch and scale their consulting and service businesses. Our approach includes in-depth workshops, engaging event experiences, strategic planning sessions, and exclusive VIP days, all designed to enhance your business acumen and accelerate your growth

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Unshakable Success™ Business Growth Development Program

Transform Your Vision into Victory — Join Our Exclusive 6-Month One-on-One Mentorship

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Dive into the Unshakable Expert Launchpad, a six-month 1:1 intensive designed specifically for six-figure experts transitioning into the entrepreneurial world. This program is your ticket to becoming an established entrepreneur, launching a consulting business or service, transforming people, businesses and organizations.


Crafted for professionals ready to dominate their industry, this program promises to catapult you from expert employee to celebrated industry leader. You'll not only confidently launch your venture but also secure your inaugural clients, setting the stage for unshakable success.   

This 3- step framework will teach you how to :

  • Define- get clarity on your business idea, niche, mission, vision and target audience

  • Design - your business model, business framework, pricing and more

  • Dominate -  create a strategic plan for profits, marketing and execute with guidance and support 


 Is This Program for You? 


Step into Your Power:

  • For the Visionaries: You've just had that lightbulb moment. You're ready to shake off the uncertainty and gain crystal-clear clarity on your business direction. We're here to illuminate the path.

  • For the Go-Getters: You’re brimming with the drive to start or scale your business but crave the steps to surge forward confidently. Our program lays out your personalized roadmap to success.

  • For the Community Seekers: If you're looking to forge deep connections with like-minded women, our program offers not just a network, but a sisterhood of ambitious entrepreneurs eager to collaborate and uplift each other.

  • For the Builders: Your business is up and running, yet it's missing the robust framework to skyrocket efficiently. We introduce the systems and automations you need to expand effortlessly.

  • For the Strategists: You have a solid business foundation and now dream of stepping away from the 9-5 grind. Our tailored exit strategies are your gateway to freedom.


One Time payment of $15,000 | payment options available

Unshakable Success™: 1-Day, Private, Strategic Business Transformation Program


Are You Ready to Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

For aspiring entrepreneurs poised for action, Unshakable Success™ offers the strategic blueprint and unwavering support needed to start, grow, or revitalize your business.

We will roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your business structure to identify inefficiencies, devise solutions, and set you on your ultimate path to success.

What You’ll Experience:

  • 1-Day Strategy Intensive: Choose between a virtual or in-person session where we'll map out your business blueprint. This focused strategy day provides expert coaching to pinpoint your unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Customized Strategic Sales/Marketing Action Plan: Receive a tailor-made action plan that outlines clear, executable strategies tailored to amplify your business growth.

  • Exclusive Bonus - Limited Time Offer: Not just one, but two check-in calls during the program for personalized guidance and accountability. Act now—this extra support is available for a short period!

  • Continuous Support: Gain 30-day access to direct support via Voxer or email, ensuring you have expert advice whenever you need it.

  • Actionable Goals and Detailed Structure: Leave equipped with a detailed framework and a list of achievable goals, complete with manageable action steps, templates and resources to overcome obstacles and drive success.


One Time payment of $4500| payment options available

Discover If Unshakable Success™ Is Your Next Step

  • You're Just Browsing: Unshakable Success™ is designed for action-takers ready to make significant strides. If your curiosity hasn’t yet evolved into commitment, it might be too soon for this journey.

  • Undefined Goals: Our program demands a clear vision. Without specific business objectives for the next 3-6 months, you may not fully benefit from the tailored strategies we provide.

  • Comfort in Chaos: If you find a certain solace in the status quo, even when it means staying stuck or overwhelmed, this path of transformation might not align with your current mindset.


  • Resistant to Guidance: Success here requires openness to new ideas and the courage to venture beyond familiar limits. If you're not ready to be coachable and challenge your boundaries, this may not be the right fit.

  • Half-hearted Commitment: The essence of our program is the full-hearted commitment to doing the work. Without a dedicated pledge to invest in yourself and your business, the true potential of our program cannot be unlocked.


This Program Might Not Be for You If...

Are You Ready to Commit?

Our programs are for dedicated entrepreneurs ready to make a significant leap in their business within a month. If you’re poised to leave hesitation behind and step into a space where growth and commitment meet, then Unshakable Success™ might just be what you’ve been searching for. Engage with us, set your sights high, and let’s soar together towards your dreams.

What Are People Saying

VIP Day Clients : CEO & Founders of Behavioral Health Therapy Practice

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