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2 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Gifts & Talents?

Talents are inherited, gifts are received and opportunities are there to help us try, fail, learn, and grow.

This Gratitude week take some time to identify those gifts, talents and opportunities available to you. There is no time like now to do something new, step outside your comfort zone, fail a few times and learn the tools to succeed.

They say the burial ground is full of unused gifts and talents. We all know that life is short and tomorrow isn’t promised.  Don’t spend another day, week and year doing the same routine, the same old rat race, the same old agenda, the same old complaining that you need something more.

Here are 2 Reasons why you should use your gifts and talents:

It Leads to a More Satisfying Life

Your gifts and talents are ultimately your strengths, and these strengths when frequently used plays a positive role on  performance, satisfaction, fulfillment and your  overall quality of life. No more reason than that to identify them and use them.

You Can Make Money From Them

 YES, our talents can help us earn money and YES, we all need money. We don’t need to feel guilty recognizing that money is one of the purposes why we should use our gifts and talents. Please, Please be careful though, remind yourself that gifts and talents are not just for accumulating money they are for serving and improving the lives of others.

 So don’t take for granted those gifts, talents and the opportunities available to you. Spend some time to identify them, be thankful for them and then establish a plan to use them to benefit others and yourself. When you find what you are really good at and with constant use and practice, your gifts can serve  you well.

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Stay Tuned……Until Next Time and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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