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5 Businesses You Can Start Today.

Start a Business

Good Day Folks!

It’s been an interesting few weeks dealing with Covid-19. It goes to show that in an instant life can change.

The question is how ready are you for a sudden change?

Do you have more than one income stream?

Have you been contemplating on starting that side hustle or dream business?

This pandemic has shown us to be grateful in all things and how important it is not to waste time. Nothing is promised !! Now more than ever is the time for you to take the leap and get started on creating your dreams to impact and change the lives of others.

I challenge you this week to get the resources you need to get that business or side hustle started.

Here are a few business you can start in a recession:

  1. Virtual assistant- many entrepreneurs still need to leverage their time to create and impact while their virtual assistant can take care of administrative tasks to help maintain productivity

  2. Accounting Services- businesses still need to keep their receivables and payables in tact and tracked.

  3. Resume writing- unfortunately some companies have to lay off employees during these times and resume writing will be in high demand as people start to look for new jobs

  4. Coaching- as more people are looking to start or expand their business they need someone who has the skill set in areas they lack in which you have experience in ie. leadership, mindset, marketing, branding etc.

  5. Cleaning services- recession or not companies with classrooms, office spaces, conference rooms etc. need it to be cleaned regularly.

Although one may think that everyone is doing these businesses just remember that there is always enough for everyone. Don’t worry about competition, identify the one thing that can separate you from the rest.

Until Next Time,

~Nerissa 💋

P.S. Want personalized help? Schedule your discovery call today to discuss your vision, how I can help you execute that idea and position yourself for profits.

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