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Are you growing as a leader???

I spent 3 awesome days with 10 successful and powerful women as we attended an amazing leadership summit hosted by Logan Stout. He is a significant and successful youth pastor, philanthropist, multi millionaire, CEO and more.

The summit consisted of multimillionaire moguls pouring into an intimate room of business owners and leaders. They identified strategies, tools and an action plan to becoming Transformational leaders in our business, home, ministry, relationships and careers. Although I learned so much in which can be applied in all areas of life there were three takeaways that stood out for me in business.

Here goes:

  1. Start Small ! – How do you eat an elephant?…..bite by bite. This sounds weird but you get the point. With any weight loss, financial, personal business goals you start with small goals and small wins. Your small wins daily become weekly, monthly and then yearly goals and overtime you see the major wins manifest from all the small ones. It’s ok to start small!

  2. Success vs Significance – There is a huge difference between the both. Success is reaching your maximum potential yet significance is helping other to do the same. What are you seeking?? Success can be short lived yet significance lasts forever. Think about a few people in your life that are significant vs successful? What makes them different? Take note

  3. Superachievers avoid instant gratification – It is crucial that you understand and have the mindset that success and significance take time. Quick fixes, get rich quick, get 1million followers and those promises of fast results are not sustainable. Superachievers understand that there is a journey requiring the sowing and nurturing of seeds before the harvest comes. When you understand this factor you understand that most successful people you see on TV or social media did not happen overnight. You will hear the stories of struggles and failure which eventually led to their success. Avoid the instant gratification mentality.

It’s crucial to make sure that you keep learning and growing. Most often people focus on the things of the outside (cars, clothes, appearance, jewelry etc.) instead of growing and improving from the inside.

Who are you becoming?

What are you investing in to make you a better human being?

Invest in personal development and you will be amazed at the person you will become.

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Until next time 💋


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