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Are you making every day count?

So we all know that are days on earth are numbered and we don’t know when that time will come. In order to progress successfully through life we need to make every day count.

Whatever your goals, dreams or desires are, you need to work on it everyday. Tomorrow isn’t promised. The question is, if that time were to come tomorrow what will your legacy be? What will you be remembered for? What did you accomplish?

Proverbs 6 says:

“Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭6:6-8‬ ‭NIV‬‬

The little annoying ants we see at picnics are gathering food and saving for the winter months. These tiny creatures can surely teach us a lesson about preparing for the future. They are busy working for the later not for the immediate gratification. Just as the ants are preparing for later, you should too.

What should you be working on daily in order to see great progress and success later? Finances, health, debt, business, etc.

Hey you probably never even thought about leaving a legacy and that’s fine too but people will remember you for something………what will that be?

Until Next time…..💋


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