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Are you making money while you sleep 😴???

Don’t get me wrong……there is nothing wrong with working, especially if you enjoy what you do but majority of folks I know do not. They aren’t serving in their utmost capacity, engaged at work or the least bit fulfilled. They don’t even like the people they work with. 😬😬

There is no time like now to explore additional streams of passive income to help fund your deep rooted passions and purpose while your job covers your living expenses. This way you can live on purpose, have the additional income you need while serving in your gift.

Making money while you sleep should be the goal whether through investments,a home-based businesess, digital products and services etc. Whatever gift you have to offer, get familiar with passive income. If you’re new to the idea, start with a home-based business for an amazing foundation. I love what I am doing to introduce everyday people to passive income streams.

What are some things you’re doing for additional income especially while you’re asleep???? 😴😴

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Until next time…..

~Nerissa 💋

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