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Do you have a Task list or a Results list?

A task list in my opinion keeps you busy while a Results List helps to keep you productive.

I’m Working on my website and social media content this morning and my goal is to complete as much things as possible off of my RESULTS list over the next few weeks. These are the things that I MUST see accomplished.

Unlike a task list that sits there and reminds me I have to do it but there is no urgency in getting it done. It is just a simple reminder for me.

If this is you then take a minute and review the things you have on your task list and change it to signify the results you are seeking. This will help to ensure that you are intentional about your daily plans and actions and ensures you get it done.

It’s time to get more accomplished and shift from busy to productive.

Until next time….

~Nerissa 💋💋

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