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Happy Easter!!

Keep ❤️…….God is doing a new thing, can you see it?? YES! You can.

Many moons a go, today is a day of sorrow and mourning. Many are hurt and angered by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ while others went on with their day as if nothing happened. The exciting thing is that we know how this story will turnaround just as God knows how your story and troubles will turn around. Rejoice in the midst of your worries today because you know these three things :

1. You know that the resurrection is coming tomorrow. This is confirmation that GOD answers prayers and can resurrect your dead situations just as he did his son on Easter Sunday.

2. You know that you will overcome your storm. Just as Jesus was beaten, battered crucified, buried and then resurrected……so can your situation too!

3. You can live victoriously! Know that through every trial and tribulation you will come out victorious. At first you may not see or feel it like those who were mourning the day after Jesus crucifixion but once the storm has passed you will look back and see what you have overcame. Just as the mourners did on Resurrection Sunday when they found the tomb empty. He has risen!!!

We relive and celebrate this truth year after on the Easter Weekend/Holy Week!

Confirmation that God can turn your situations around.

Until Next time 😘😘


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