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Hello October!!

Hello October!!

It’s the final quarter of 2019.

Are you excited or feeling unaccomplished???

Are you frustrated because you have not made the progress you wanted?

Yes the New Year is right around the corner.

Have you set aside some time to map out the balance of the year. It’s time to reflect on all you have accomplished thus far, where you are as far as your goals and what you need to do to finish the year off strong. Don’t worry, there is still time to kick start the New Year with momentum.

Here are three things you should do now to start your New Year off successful:

1. Make a decision: It’s time for you to decide if this is what you truly want and if you’re going to do what it takes. Otherwise you are just wasting your time year after year setting goals and not achieving them. Decide if it’s time to launch your business, write that book, take that course, get that coach, etc.

2. Make a Plan: After you have made a decision to take a leap and get started, now you need a plan. A plan is your road map to success. Without a plan you are wandering aimlessly, with no strategy, no guide and no planned outcome. A plan helps you to re-evaluate your course, determine if your moving in the right direction, when it’s time to make a detour and take another route. Your plan is your personal G.P.S. …..(Game Plan for Success)

3. Take Action: Stop staying in info-seeking mode. You don’t need another course or training…. it’s time to take action and learn from doing. Experience is your best teacher and your mistakes are the best source of wisdom. There is so much information available and accessible to help you succeed but it can become a crutch when you feel like you don’t have or know enough. Remember sis, you have all you need right inside you. God has already equipped you once he planted that vision within you. It’s time to seize it!

Make a decision, write out your plan and work that plan. These simple steps can ensure you that you’ll have a successful last quarter of 2019 and a fulfilling start to your New Year!

Until Next Time 💋


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