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How to Discover What Your Gifts and Talents Are?

What are some great ideas, gifts or talents you have?  They say that the cemetery is filled with buried gifts and talents. Don’t let that be you. Don’t sit on it!


You received that gift or talent to act on it and bless others with it. It really wasn’t for you. There are people out there waiting on you to step into your greatness so that you can help them be great.

Ever saw something on TV or saw a book or conference title and said , ” I thought of that”…. but you didn’t act on it. Weren’t you upset? Had the nerve to say ” that was my idea”…….SMH!

Take a moment today to be still and think about all the things you like to do that only you can do best. Ask some of your friends what gifts and talents do they see in you?

Use this as a guide to think about how your talents and gifts can impact others and then build on it. Seek a mentor to help you monetize it, serve others and allow it to create the life you deserve.

There are a lot of vehicles out there to help you financially along your journey to discovering and  implementing your gifts and talents.

I can share whats working for me.

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