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How To Stay Productive When You Feel Like You Can’t Do It All? Part 1

So Number 1……the word BALANCE is severely overrated. There are so many articles and trainings out about balance but I’m here to disappoint you and tell you that it doesn’t exist.

Yeah i said it……there is no such thing as BALANCE. Get it out of your mind, it’s ok, it doesn’t exist. Stop trying to achieve the unachievable instead manage your tasks, in which we will touch upon later.

I for one as a nurse leader, with a successful home based business, kids in sports and dance, a Hubby with needs, plus serving in ministry and a job-profit Board didn’t even have a chance to comb my daughters hair some Sunday nights.

I can never forget one evening I came home and started working on my business and personal stuff. My husband attended his church ministry and came home after 9p and my daughter came downstairs to greet him and asked “mom what’s for dinner?”. He looked at me, I looked at him and he said “ Ahhhh so you didn’t feed my daughter”……..OOPS! We laughed it off and he graciously made her a sandwich.

I tried for so many years trying to figure out how some of these successful women manage a family, spouse, business, fashion, fitness, ministry and not miss a beat. They make it look so easy but often don’t show the chaos behind the scenes like the ones in my home……organized chaos. Lol

Stay tuned for Part II next week…

Until Then

~Nerissa 💋

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