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How To Stay Productive When You Feel Like You Can’t Do It All? ….Part 2

So last week we discussed Balance and that it doesn’t exist. This week we will discuss the second step which is to Manage Your Tasks.

You have so many priorities but you can’t do it all and do it successfully. You must, must, must, manage your tasks and not have them manage you. I found that using the strategy below helps me to be more productive.

Prioritize your priorities in 3 categories :

1. Must complete ASAP. These are the things that absolutely must get done and have immediate deadlines.

2. Must complete this week. This is truly the beginning of managing your tasks. If it doesn’t have an immediate deadline but must be addressed then prioritize those tasks then schedule it on your calendar to complete that week in order of priority.

3. Not Now but near future. These tasks need to be done but are not pressing nor have a deadline. Keep it in your to do list to revisit as time permits.

My kids know if they want something they can’t ask once…they have to remind me because if it’s not a priority at the time it may get lost in all the other Not Now’s in my mind so I make a to do list to go back to.

This strategy helps to set my intentions for the day and week and helps to ensure I am successfully completing what’s important. Stay tuned for Part III next week…

Until Then

~Nerissa 💋

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