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Is Fear holding you back ?

As an entrepreneur fear alters our mindset. It gets in the way of our thoughts and actions which in return reflects in our business.

It has been said that fear is the opposite of faith, and that is true. We can’t live in faith and fear at the same time. Fear paralyzes us and keeps us from receiving God’s promises. It keeps us from stepping out and obeying what God has called us to do.

What fears are holding you back from Success? Is it Fear of Failure or even Fear of Success?

The only way to tackle fear is to just do that exact thing that you fear. Face it head on and Just Do It! When it’s over you would be surprised and ask yourself what was I afraid of ?

I never forget the time I had to go on stage live during Church Service in front of thousands of people in the sanctuary and online. I had to present an award to one of my girls from my ministry class. Boy was my nerves all over for the entire week before.

The day came and we prepped real quick before service started. I sat in the chair with knots in my stomach, palms sweating and anticipating. I was thinking what if I trip or stumble on my words. The time came, I stood up, walked gracefully on stage with the young lady, looked at the crowd and lights, read my speech with the mic shaking. Then I turned to hand the award to the little princess and she was all smiles. At that point I realized, that this wasn’t about me but about the smile on this little princess face and her recognition. Boy was that fear instantly forgotten.

Most often FEAR is holding us back from blessing others. That fear of going live, starting that business, writing that book, whatever it is, face it head on.

So the next time fear comes knocking at your door……..send Faith to answer!!

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Until next time

~Nerissa 💋

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