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Is Sisterhood Crucial For Success?

Behind every successful woman is a sister friend or circle that support  and pushes her to be her best. Oprah has Gail, Kelly Rowland & Beyonce,  La La & Kim Kardashian to name  few. Either way they all have their sister circle. As an introvert I love keeping to myself so sisterhood is foreign to me. I keep a handful of people close to me. I would prefer to sit in a corner listening to my favorite book or just sit quietly at a function observing before networking or jumping into anything. I love keeping to myself.  Let me know if i am by myself with this one.Don’t get me wrong, I love to have fun and party  but when I’m in a comfortable setting.  I am starting to believe that this whole introvert thing is a means to accept the term and remain comfortable? This i will address another day but overtime I learned that this is not the way to grow and succeed.  When women come together to support and empower other women, something magical happens. You need quality relationships, accountability and people that will keep you in check. You need that sisterhood that will force you out of the corner and out of your comfort zone. Those sisters that will ask you “Why haven’t you started that thing yet?” Sisters that listen to you, accept you as you are, see you as who you are becoming, don’t hold you back or get jealous of you, support you in your mission, and celebrate you. Your sisterhood should empower you. Heck Women Understand Women! Oftentimes with entrepreneurship, it can get a bit lonely especially when former friends are not on the same journey as you. It is always great to have like minds and folks of different experiences able to pour into you and guide you available to you. So all my introverted ladies that’s stepping outside their comfort zones to network, build relationships, businesses, tribes and pour into others reach out and  send a text to your tribe letting them know how much you appreciate them. For those that are searching for a tribe there are 2 things you can do: 1. Search Facebook Groups with similar interests and join them. Comment, make connections, friend requests and contribute to the group. 2. Create a tribe of your own. I am certain that there are many women out there looking for a tribe, start your own. If we truly expect to rise to the levels of success we want, we must come together. UNTIL NEXT TIME 💋~NERISSA

It’s time for you to define and design, not just your success, but your UNSHAKABLE success and this book will set you on the right path. Read more in my book #UnshakableSuccess.

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