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Is there ever a right time??

Opportunities are a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. The problem is that most people see the opportunity, are not ready to do something about there circumstance and therefore creates an excuse to stay comfortable in their discomfort. Yes, I went there!!

There is never a right time to start a family, go back to school or even start a business. Waiting for the perfect time seems is usually a decoy to prevent you from making a decision and taking action.

When I was pregnant with my last child I was working 2 jobs as a Nurse, day shift supervisor 8 Hour Days and Night time in the hospital 12 Hour night. Boyyyy, I was tired, irritable, and struggling through my pregnancy. I used to say “Lord there has to be a better way”. I was introduced to an opportunity to start a business from home and create additional income while helping others.

I started to ponder on all the reasons why I shouldn’t start my business, pregnant, tired, no time etc. but the possibilities of changing my circumstances far exceeded me staying in the pain of what I was going through.

I went out and took a look at the opportunity and was amazed at the possibility of creating the income and lifestyle that I wanted through this opportunity. I came home and excitingly discussed with my hubby and later got started. I didn’t have a lot of time to spare, much less energy, nor was the timing right but I knew I was tired and my situation had to change and fast. I am the only one that could change my situation.

God answered my prayers and I eventually went on bed rest for 2 months, had my business to work from home and later delivered a healthy baby girl.

I took a leap of faith and am totally grateful to what I have learned, achieved, and passed down over the last 6 years and look forward to continued growth and expansion.

Fast forward six years later, still working a home based business, showing others to do the same and have gone on to do some amazing things in my life, circle and community. That one decision, exposed me to another level of thinking and living and has introduced me to some amazing people. 😍

Answer these 2 questions:

What opportunities did you wish you took advantage of?

Will there ever be a perfect time to make a change forever?

Are you looking to start a business from home?

Lets discuss your options.

It’s time to make a decision now….take a leap of faith, trust God to guide your path and Get Started!!!

Share some your answers and comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.

Until Next time… 💋💋



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