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Should You Really Face Your Fears????

In my quiet time this morning I stumbled upon this quote and the story of Joshua chapter 1. Joshua was the successor of Moses and was to continue the journey of leading the Israelites to the Promised land…..the Land that they already possessed! Yes they already possessed it but due to fear and disobedience they just couldn’t seem to grab hold of it. Much like many of us……we have everything we need, Gods Power and blessings. We have the gifts, talents and treasures but we get in our own way through fear and lack of faith. This holds us back to remain in the same cycle of uncomfortable comfort year after year, fearful of doing or trying something different. Just like the Israelites, will it take you 40 years to be obedient and push past those fears or will you start now?

Fear keeps you from taking that leap, keeps you up at night worrying what people would say or think of you. Fear keeps you under those anxiety pills or attached to the liquor and smoking. Fear keeps you from making those business calls for clients or updating your resume. Fear of success or Fear of failure prevents you from starting that business. Fear keeps you from change!!!

Question is….are you truly ready for Change??

What will it take for you to do it?

Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Have you surrendered your burdens and fears to the Lord?

Are you ready to step in alignment with Gods plans for you?

It will require some real work….CHANGE! Changing your reliance on fear and procrastination just to remain comfortable. Changing from those bad habits or people you’re around. Changing that stinking thinking and taking every thought captive and making it obedient to Christ. You may have to even change how you dress, your pictures and posts on social media.

In no way am I being judgemental but what you currently know brought you this far and to have all that you truly want and desire requires you to face your fears, change and grow through your next level.

It’s time to face those fears! Remember just like Joshua and the Israelites victory is already yours! Push past those fears, Have Faith in where God is taking you, Take action and be ready for change.

Let me know what you think? Comment below and don’t forget to follow!

Until next time! ❤️


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