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Three things you must do to improve your beliefs about yourself and your situations.

Your belief ties into your outcomes. If you believe that you won’t find that good husband, that dream job, the thriving business, that child you have been longing for or that you could lose those pounds then it won’t happen.

Some Beliefs are a product of your past experiences. I never forget the time when I was voted least likely to succeed in middle school. I didn’t realize how much it had an effect on me until I did some serious soul-searching, Bible reading and meditation. I realized everything I did to be successful was for others to see me as a success and not for my own personal satisfaction. I spent money on trips, parties, expensive bags, shoes etc. just for people to believe and see me as successful. In the end I still felt unfulfilled and kept searching for more.

After becoming saved and understanding the importance of having Faith, I now know that your beliefs, especially your self-belief is everything! Your beliefs are a product of your mind and your faith is a product of your spirit. The two together are key to driving you towards the success and fulfillment you truly deserve but first….. you have to do these three things to improve your beliefs about yourself and your situations: 1. You must BELIEVE you deserve all things great! “…………Anything is possible if a person believes.”Mark‬ ‭9:23‬ ‭NLT‬. Do a mindset shift. Stop the stinking thinking and replace it with positive, empowering thoughts 2. Pray in Faith daily. Be intentional about your quiet time and meditation practices. Find scriptures that speak to your situation and helps to build your faith 3. Take Massive Action! Start reading books for personal development and then set small goals toward the success you want to achieve. With better self belief and defined goals you will feel more confident and motivated to take the necessary steps to accomplish your goals.

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