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What Does Next Level Mean to You?

Your Next level  goals should be about what you want and not what others want from you.png

I will never forget how I felt in  middle school, when I was voted “Least likely to succeed” in our class yearbook. I just wanted to crawl under the desk and cry, I was so embarrassed. From that point on I strive to prove to other people that I was cool and popular and later on in life focused on proving to others that I was successful. I did it all for the wrong reasons . Fast forward 20+ years later and social media, TV and radio have a different picture of what success looks like. You  may believe that success should look like what you see on social media or from what others expect of you and then you set your goals to achieve what you see instead of what YOU can truly be.  How misleading!!

Its time for you to define what success is for YOU, what exactly is your next-level, create a plan and then put actions in place to achieve them. If you place your focus on looking successful for other people then you will realize how empty and misguided you will become. This was a learning lesson for me after so many years of chasing the wrong things and being left with a feeling of being unaccomplished and empty. I was not doing what I had determined was success for me.

I urge you to take a deep look inside your self and  determine what does success mean to you? What makes you feel happy and fulfilled? What are you passionate about? Then create your plan of action to YOUR desired success. Imagine how you will feel when you have accomplished what YOU want for your life? Just Imagine.

Let me know what success means to you. Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.

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