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What will it take to be a Powerful Woman?

First thing first you need to stop watching other people, their journey is their journey. You don’t know what they went through to get where they are today. Next, understand and know where your power comes from…….who gives you that power. Understand the need to meditate daily on the word and that higher being you serve, mine is GOD.

Then write down the things that you and only you can do. That gift and talent you have that makes you different. The thought and idea that you know will serve the world. What do you offer? What situation in your past have you overcome that can help others to overcome. What special skill you have that someone needs. It’s already in you…..that Power!

Finally the last step is to own and manifest that power. Once you know your power source and stay connected and know the key to the power (your gift talent or idea) then it’s time to own and share it. Seek help from those that are already doing or have done it, hire a coach or find a mentor to guide you into sharing your power. You will start to have and exude confidence once you know and understand the power you have and you will see how you will attract great things, people and opportunities into your life because you are standing and walking in your power.

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