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How To Stay Productive When You Feel Like You Can’t Do It All? ….Part 3

So last week we spoke about Prioritizing your tasks and the week before we stated that Balance doesn’t exist.

Lastly, this week we will discuss It’s OK to say NO!

You can not manage your tasks effectively if you have more ASAP tasks than time in a day. It’s not cute to be busy and broke. Your goal is to be productive. Saying NO will Free you from over committing yourself and It will also release you from any additional menial tasks.

Accept the fact that you may disappoint someone because you are saying NO and prioritizing your tasks and time. You can’t please everyone, or do everything and you should not try to. Again your goal is to be productive and not overwhelmed and therefore some tasks will also be missed. It’s ok!!!

For the record, you will drop the ball like I did with forgetting to feed my 7 y/o dinner but guess what…its alright and she is still alive. Lol Don’t be too hard on yourself. Once you accept that there is no such thing as balance, prioritize and manage your tasks and understand that some things will not get done you’re on the road to success.

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